From clean homes
to sustainable workplaces
& public spaces

We don't stop at just making things useful in your home. Together with Städia, our corporate part takes care of office cleaning and all other service in Greater Stockholm.



Hand in hand with our sister company Städia, which belongs to Nytta Gruppen, we perform services for companies. Office cleaning, stairwells and also cleaning at construction sites are some of the services we offer. We want to help companies & their employees understand the value of their time, as well as how cleaning & professional service facilitate & increase quality in work life and private life.

We do nytta.


The name "nytta" communicates the basis of our business - to create value for you as a customer by simplifying and improving your everyday life. We are confident that this development will help us further towards the goal of becoming the market's best option in 'home care' and we look forward to continuing to deliver existing services under our new name.


Quality guarantee 
Personal service 
Liability insurance 
Educated staff with collective agreements


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Hjälper ni företag med städning?

Självklart gör vi det. Vi har till och med ett eget syskonbolag för det, Städia.

To all our customers, thank you!

Our flexibility helps us meet our customers' ever-changing needs. It also helps us adapt our services to the sustainability and certification requirements that are constantly developing and changing.


Tryggt Företag[1][1]

Delivering efficiency through home cleaning and home service. We work within the Greater Stockholm area.

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