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The value is in the customer's time and how cleaning combined with service facilitates increases the quality of work life and private life. A home may be in need of ironing and washing, while an office or a workplace places more focus on the cleaning itself.

With regular cleaning, we ensure that your home stays clean & fresh over time. Most people who hire us want help with continuous cleaning.

From 570 kr

When moving from a home, cleaning is an important part of the transfer from seller to buyer. High demands are placed on move-out cleaning, and it is not something you always have time and are able to arrange on your own.

From 2 195 kr

Every year, or preferably a couple of times a year, most people want a major cleaning in their apartment or house. Here the focus is on the areas that are not normally performed during a regular weekly cleaning.

From 1500 kr

On your way to selling your house or apartment? Then there are usually high demands from brokers and prospective buyers that everything looks good. Let us help you!

Fr. 1 750 kr

Newly cleaned windows not only look nicer, they also let in more light and create a pleasant indoor environment. We offer professional window cleaners with long experience.

Fr. 800 kr

Nytta offers thorough and efficient office cleaning at attractive prices throughout Stockholm, regardless of the size of the office. The cleaning is tailored to your wishes and needs to suit your office premises.

Price on request

A professional cleaning after renovations that makes your home clean and free of dust after renovation. This cleaning can also includes window cleaning.

( 300 kr/hour after RUT )

From 1500 kr 


Regular cleaning of the stairwell in your residential building or in your office creates a welcoming and well-maintained environment, and reduces wear and tear.

Price on request

Surely it is wonderful to have access to a lovely garden to enjoy in? However, it may not always be as fun to take care of all the work that a garden requires.

Fr. 300 kr/tim

To all our customers, thank you!

Our flexibility helps us meet our customers' ever-changing needs. It also helps us adapt our services to the sustainability and certification requirements that are constantly developing and changing.


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Delivering efficiency through home cleaning and home service. We work within the Greater Stockholm area.

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