When you don't always have time for the garden, but it should still be nice.

Gardening service


For many, it is important to have a well-maintained garden, but when life happens, many other things come before the list of priorities. We are one of the few cleaning companies that, in addition to regular cleaning, also offers a number of different gardening services. We cut the grass, weed, prune bushes and trees, water, rake leaves and even plant new ones. This allows us to take care of your garden when you are on holiday, or relieve you of the burden with the annual autumn and spring cleaning.


Our gardening services are based on what you need help with in your garden, so that you have more time to enjoy it. We solve most things when it comes to gardening, so feel free to contact us whether you need help at the moment or want recurring visits.




We have with us the tools needed to carry out the work.

For larger and more complex assignments, we book a meeting where we visit the garden and go over what needs to be done. You will then receive a quote.

Please inform about any additions/deviations from the standard agreement.




We always provide a guarantee on our work.

If you have comments on the performance of the gardening services, contact us at info@nytta.se or 08 630 00 20.


In case of cancellation within 24 hours, a minimum charge of SEK 800 will be made.

(Minimum charge 800: -)

For gardening, a fee of SEK 350 is added for a service car (Not RUT eligible) When disposing of waste, a tipping fee of SEK 750 will be added.

Possible services


Cut grass

Cut hedges


Prune bushes

Trim hedges

Prune trees

Grooming flowering plants

Raking leaves

Plant new

Move bushes

Dispose of waste

Autumn and spring cleaning

To all our customers, thank you!

Our flexibility helps us meet our customers' ever-changing needs. It also helps us adapt our services to the sustainability and certification requirements that are constantly developing and changing.


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