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Stairwell cleaning


One of our most important assignments is to clean stairwells and entrances at residential buildings and offices. Nytta cleans the stairwell as often as needed - everything from weekly to summer and winter schedule. It is also possible to increase or decrease the amount of cleaning over time by e.g. have higher intervals during the winter when the stairwell is exposed to more gravel and dirt.


Within stairwell cleaning, we can offer, among other things, floor care of various materials, replace entrance carpets as needed and window cleaning.




For stairwell cleaning, we would like to come out on site to go through the object before we submit a price proposal. We offer stair cleaning throughout Stockholm and the surrounding area.

We manage the cleaning according to a clear cleaning schedule If desired, the staircase cleaning can also be supplemented with cleaning of the laundry room and basement/attic.

Please inform about any additions/deviations from the standard agreement




We always provide a guarantee on our cleanings.

For comments on the cleaning, contact us at or 08 630 00 20.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged as usual.



Price on request


  • Våttorka golv
  • Våttårka entrédörr
  • Torka lister
  • Torka räcken
  • Torka fönsterbrädor
  • Torka sopluckor
  • Damma av armaturer
  • Rengöra hissdörr
  • Rengöra speglar i hiss
  • Rengöra entréglas i port (även utsida)
  • Tömma skrapgaller vid behov

To all our customers, thank you!

Our flexibility helps us meet our customers' ever-changing needs. It also helps us adapt our services to the sustainability and certification requirements that are constantly developing and changing.


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